谷歌用户在旧金山湾区将公告今天,我们" ,把灯" ,对google.com的网页,作为一种姿态,以提高人们的全市节约能源活动的所谓灯出旧金山。
On Saturday, October 20, 2007, Lights Out San Francisco invites the entire city of San Francisco to install one compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL) and turn off all lights for one hour, from 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm PDT.上周六, 2007年10月20日,所有的灯都列旧金山请整个旧金山市安装一个紧凑型荧光灯泡( cfl的) ,并关掉所有灯光一小时,从下午八时至下午九时之中。 According to estimates, turning the lights out in San Francisco for even one hour could save as much as 15 percent of the energy consumed on an average Saturday night.据估计,转灯,在旧金山,甚至一小时,可节省高达15 %的能源消耗对平均周六夜。
Given our company's commitment to environmental awareness and energy efficiency, we strongly support the Lights Out campaign, and have darkened our homepage today to help spread awareness of what we hope will be a highly successful citywide event.鉴于我们公司致力于环保意识和能源效率的,我们坚决支持灯光出来竞选,并已漆黑,我们今天的网页,以帮助传播的认识,我们希望将是一个极为成功的全市性活动。