Домен ****.NET.RU: срок регистрации заканчивается 16-APR-2011

domain registration renewal fee is 14.2 USD

An English version of this message is contained below.

Dear Madam/Sir,

The period of PCSTAR.NET.RU domain registration ends on 16-APR-2011. The
administrator of the domain is Accountants Inc, contract XXXXXXX/NIC-D.

If you plan to further use the PCSTAR.NET.RU domain name, you should renew the
registration for the next year, that is pay the "PCSTAR.NET.RU domain
registration renewal" service fee. The service fee is 14.2 USD (including

If the fee is not paid till 16-APR-2011, then from 17-APR-2011 the domain
delegation will be suspended, and after 16-MAY-2011 the domain will be deleted,
and anybody will be able to register it. Balance of the personal account of the
contract XXXXXXX/NIC-D as of 15-FEB-2011 is: 0 USD.

If there is not enough money in the personal account of your contract, then you
should make a payment. You can choose the most convenient way to make payments
on http://www.nic.ru/en/index.html in the "Prices and Payments" - "Payment
Procedures" section. Please pay special attention to immediate ways of making

In the "Manage your account" - "Services" - "Renew services" section on
http://www.nic.ru/en/index.html you can:

- learn about services, currently needing to be renewed

- cancel domain name registration renewal. In that case domain name expiration
notices will not be sent any further, money will not be charged off the
Personal account, the domain will not be renewed

- give your approval for service renewal

- renew the domain name registration in advance, without waiting for
16-APR-2011. In that case the PCSTAR.NET.RU domain registration will be
instantly renewed till 16-APR-2012.

You can get information about your personal account balance and payments on
http://www.nic.ru/en/index.html in the "Manage your account" - "Payment" -
"Account balance" section.

If there is enough money on the account of the contract XXXXXXX/NIC-D, then on
08-APR-2011, 8 days before the payment period ends, the 14.2 USD sum will be
blocked, and the 15-APR-2011 will be charged off, after that the domain
registration will be renewed for the next accounting period till 16-APR-2012.

Order of service renewal is described on


pipni.cz 再次宕机

离上次pipni宕机 没几天,今天VPS又DOWN了(时间是上午)到现在都还没有恢复。

曾经看到pipni的monitoring统计信息,母鸡Load Averages持续都在100以上(4核CPU负载超过20就已经算高了),磁盘使用也已经超过90%了。

pipni vps目前已经关闭免费,注册页面已删,应该可以稳定了。
Debian  1619
Slackware  229
Ubuntu  177
Gentoo  60
ISPconfig (WebAdmin + PhpMyAdmin + WebMail + AwStats)  52
Celkem  2137