DNSEver.com 出英文版

DNSEver.com 英文版的地址就是http://www.dnsever.com/ ,以前一直是跳转到kr.dnsever.com


DNSEver provides a convenient web-based DNS management system.
Complex system management is not needed for DNS setup. Convenient DNS service can be used immediately by entering the domain name and IP address.
 Reliable DNS Service
#     DNSEver provides quality, efficient and reliable DNS (Domain Name System) service, free of charge, for those who own a domain but do not have a name server or those who have difficulty in building or managing name servers.
# Since the DNS service can be managed from one location even if Domain Registrars are different, it is convenient.
# DNS systems of DNSEver are installed in top-tier data centers. Reliable DNS service is always available since optimum network and server environment are maintained at all times by the best system experts.
# Since DNSEver uses a separated back-bone network, possibility of network disorders are blocked and service stability is maximized.
# Since servers and system experts to operate the DNS are not needed if DNS service of DNSEver is used, time and cost to manage a domain can be saved.
 Dynamic DNS
#     An internet server can be built from one's own computer even in a Dynamic IP environment in which IP is changed frequently.
# If Dynamic DNS service of DNSEver is used, it is possible to connect one's domain address (Ex.:www.myhome.com) with a Dynamic IP that changes frequently by installing a Dynamic DNS client in one's computer.
 Powerful DNS service is provided
#     Robust support for A, MX, CNAME, TXT, SRV, PTR, NS, AAAA, TTL Records.
# There is no limit to the number of domains that can be added. It is free.
# There is no limit to the number of records that can be added. It is free.