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今天在Read Write Web上看到标题为"2009年10大失败作品"的文章,咱们的G.F.W荣誉上榜,觉得很有必要翻译出来分享一下。该文与"2009年十大优秀作品"遥相呼应。可以去原文围观:Top 10 Failures of 2009


The Great Firewall of China Drama Continued and Worsened


To date, China's "Golden Shield Project" restrictions on Internet use are throttling traffic from that country to websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Bing, and many, many more. Banned sites include news organizations that cover controversial events, pro-democracy sites and blogs, any site acknowledging the existence of Taiwan, YouTube, most blogging websites (Wordpress, Blogger, etc.) and anything the government deems to be obscene or profane. In countries where creative self expression and the ability to browse, learn and make decisions independently are freedoms too often taken for granted, these restrictions are indeed unthinkable. The project began in 1998 and still made plenty of headlines this year for its renewed affronts to freedom on the Internet. For example, in June, the Chinese government announced it would be rolling out censorship software on every new computer sold in the country.

目前,中国的"金.盾.工.程"(即G.F.W)通过限制互联网访问来限制国民访问诸如:Twitter、Facebook、Bing等许多网站。 禁止的网站包括:报道有争.议的事件新闻机构,呼吁民.主的网站和博客,任何承.认台.湾存在的网站,YouTube,以及大多数博客网站 (wordpress,Blogger等)和任何政府认为包含色.情和淫.秽的网站。在那些民主的国家,学习和自由向来被视为是理所当然的自由,这些限制 是不可想象的。该项目始于1998年,今年又头版头条地大肆攻击互联网自由。例如,在今年6月,中国政府宣布在该国销售的每一个新电脑必须安装审查软件 (即驴霸-花鸡胡夯)。