W3 Total Cache

据说比其他缓存插件WP Cache,WP Super Cache,cos-html-cache及Hyper Cache还要好。不知道是不是真的那么好。
W3 Total Cache的介绍:
  • Increased visitor time on site
  • Optimized progressive render (pages appear to load instantly)
  • Reduced HTTP Transactions, DNS lookups and reduced document load time
  • Bandwidth savings via Minify and HTTP compression of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and RSS feeds
  • Increased web server concurrency and increased scale (easily sustain high traffic spikes)
  • Transparent content delivery network (CDN) integration with Media Library, theme files and WordPress core
  • Caching of pages / posts in memory or on disk
  • Caching of (minified) CSS and JavaScript in memory, on disk or on CDN
  • Caching of database objects in memory
  • Caching of RSS (comments, page and site) feeds in memory or on disk
  • Caching of search results pages (i.e. URIs with query string variables) in memory or on disk
  • Minification of posts / pages and RSS feeds
  • Minification (concatenation and white space removal) of inline, external or 3rd party JavaScript / CSS with automated updates
  • Complete header management including Etags
  • JavaScript embedding group and location management
  • Import post attachments directly into the Media Library (and CDN)


  1. 卸载之前安装的WordPress缓存插件
  2. 更改wp-content目录为777权限(临时性)
  3. 上传并解压缩 W3 Total Cache 插件
  4. 在 wp-config.php 文件中添加:define('WP_CACHE', true);
  5. 激活插件,更改wp-content目录为755权限